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  • Small Dog Wash & Full Body Clip

    ☑ A full body clip, ☑ Wash & Conditioner, ☑ Blow-dry & Brush out, ☑ Nail trim & Ears clean, ☑ Hygiene clip & Paws tidy. # Fluffy legs on request: Leaving the legs' hair longer and trim around. □ Fluffy legs trimming +$10 # Additional Services □ Medicated Shampoo +$10 □ Teeth brushing +$10 □ Pet Spa treatments + from$40 (Sea Mud/ Aromatherapy/ Oily Coat)

  • Cat Wash & Full body clip

    Shampoo, conditioner, body clip, head style cut, nail clip, ear clean, anal gland included.

  • Cat Wash & Tidy up

    Duration: at least 1.5 h Shampoo Brand: Pet Esthé Japan Price guide: from $80 (large cat or long coat might add extra charges)

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    Nose Pet Grooming NOSE offers the very best in dog and cat grooming. Our friendly, professional staff provide clients with the services to keep the individual needs of your pet. Our services are normally priced based on the time of your pet's grooming process, additional surcharges may apply for matted coats. BOOK ONLINE Need a Pick-up Grooming Product We Choice Pet Esthe is an esthetic brand for pets, combining the spirit of Paris and the innovation of Japan. Pet rejuvenation is our theme. There are four elements to pet rejuvenation: coat improvement, skin improvement, coat color improvement, and healing of both pet and human. Also, Pet Esthe is against the animal experiments carried out in the process of product development and sale because they believe it is animal abuse. As raw materials, they use materials of plant origin that are highly biodegradable through decomposition by natural microorganisms such as bacteria. We continue to develop products that do not contaminate the sea and rivers, and are gentle on the earth. Each small-sized dog takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours unless your dog has a lot of knots/matts, and then it will also depend on your dog's behavior, it may take slightly longer than the proposed time frame. Please note that late pick up's will incur a late pick-up fee. How long does Grooming take? Services and Pricing - 01 Services and Pricing - 02 Services and Pricing - 01 1/2

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